BDO Wealth Management Survey

Welcome to the  Wealth Management Survey

At a time when Canadians should be preparing to retire peacefully, many have signed up for additional financial obligations such as housing, education, and health care, not for themselves but for their children or parents. This added burden, along with longer life spans, is putting considerable stress on us. BDO would like to explore the shifting financial landscape for Canadians.

We would appreciate 3 - 5 minutes of your time to complete a short survey on financial and wealth trends. The data collected will be developed into a report that will explore the current financial landscape for Canadians. This survey is anonymous and confidential. 

Only questions marked with an asterisk are required, however, we would appreciate your response to all questions. 

Any questions about the wealth survey or BDO’s wealth management services in general, please contact: Jonathan Townsend, Mark Goodfield, or David Braumberger.